Change of address

If you move within the Netherlands, you must inform your new municipality of your arrival within 5 days of moving, or up to 30 days before.

Moving within the Netherlands

You can use the (Dutch) online form or send us the completed form Notification change of address.

Studying in Tilburg

Foreign students who have been accepted into a study program in Tilburg are eligible for Dutch residency for the duration of their course. You will need to register with the municipality if you will stay in the Netherlands for at least 4 months. Make an appointment to visit us for your registration. Visit I*ESN for more information on your stay in Tilburg.

At the end of your course, you will have to deregister before leaving the Netherlands. Make an appointment for emigration, or use the form 'Notification of move abroad'. Send this form to: Gemeente Tilburg, Afdeling Dienstverlening/KCC, Antwoordnummer 300, 5000 WB Tilburg.

Moving abroad: emigration

If you will be residing abroad for more than 8 months, you must report this to the municipality. You can use the online form (Dutch & DigiD needed), or send us the Notification of move abroad (pdf) with a copy of your identification. If needed, you can call 14 013 (or +31 13 5428494 if you're outside the Netherlands) for an appointment to report your move within 5 working days prior to your departure. Please bring your identification. 

In many countries, you will need a certificate of deregistration. Ask for this certificate when you report your emigration.

Moving from abroad: settling in the Netherlands

Are you moving to Tilburg from abroad (immigration) or will you spend at least 4 of the next 6 months in the Netherlands? Then you will need to register with the municipality in person within 5 days upon arrival. If your partner and/or children have also arrived from abroad, they will need to join you and get registered as well.

You can make the appointment online. Please bring along:

  • Valid identity document of each person to be registered.
  • Travel document or other document proving your nationality.
  • A completed questionnaire 'Settling in the Netherlands', or send this in advance by e-mail.
  • Proof of deregistration if you come from the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Saba, Sint Eustatius).
  • Proof of deregistration if you come from Belgium or Germany, with the exception of students.
  • Rental or purchase contract of your home, or permission and a copy of the identity document of the main tenant with whom you will be living.
  • Original documents from abroad of yourself and your children, e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate. Only English, German and French deeds are accepted without translation by a sworn translator. The documents must (depending on the issuing country) comply with legalisation requirements. See the website of the Rijksoverheid for this.

You can find more information about a residence permit on the IND website. Your registration will be final once the IND confirms to the municipality that you are residing in the Netherlands lawfully. 

Non-EU citizens

If you are not a EU-citizen, you will first have to apply for a residence permit at the IND.