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Requesting an extract or certificate

To request an extract or certificate, use the online form (DigiD required) or make an appointment by calling 14 013.

Request for extract or certificate
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Are you living abroad? Then you can also authorize your Dutch family or friends to do this for you. This person has to bring your authorization and a copy of your identification.

To request for an extract or certificate by mail, please send the reason for your request and a copy of your identification to

Extract or certificate rates 2022

A certificate costs € 14,30.
An extract costs € 20,10.

Types of extracts and certificates

The municipality can provide you with a certificate of birth, marriage, partnership and death. You can request the certificate at the municipality that originally made the document.
An extract is an official statement from the Basic Register of Persons (BRP) that states your name and current address. You can request this extract at the municipality where you live. A 'certificate of deregistration' is also an extract.