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Advice and support

Sometimes you can no longer arrange things yourself and you need help. For example, if you have become homeless, you have received a letter you do not understand, or you are the victim of labour exploitation. Fortunately, there are organisations that can help you.

Steunpunt Migranten

Are you new to the Netherlands? Do you need help finding your way around Tilburg?
Then come to the walk-in consultation at the Steunpunt Migranten. The Steunpunt is located at Gasthuisring 54 A in Tilburg.

You can ask them questions about:

Steunpunt holds various walk-in consultations:

More information on menseninbeeldhouden.nl (in Dutch)


There are 18 places in the municipality of Tilburg where you can go with queries of all kinds. The ContourdeTwern volunteers who work at these places can, for example, help you if you have received a letter you do not understand, you need to fill in forms about which you have queries, or if you are struggling to find the right information about something. You can find the places you can go with these types of queries via this link

See the ContourdeTwern website for more information.

Stichting Barka

Barka is an organisation that can offer help to homeless migrants. They can support individuals in returning to their families, or support the homeless in tackling addiction and working on social integration. This organisation's background is in Poland. If you know someone who is homeless and needs help, there are various ways in which you can contact someone from Barka. You can find those possibilities on their website.

Stichting FairWork

Stichting Fairwork is an organisation that helps people who are the victim of labour exploitation. You can find answers to frequently asked questions on their website.

If you need personal advice, you can contact them via the contact form on the website

Information point

You can ask questions at the information point about the digital government, if you want to improve your digital skills, or if you need help finding information. The information point can help you with, amongst others, DigiD, a course, or refer you to the right desk. The help is free of charge, even for people who are not members. There are information points in various libraries in the municipality of Tilburg, namely:

Here you can also print, use the computers, or register your children free of charge. You can go there every day in case you have a question. You can find more information on the website bibliotheekmb.nl

De Rechtswinkel

De Rechtswinkel Tilburg helps people with legal queries or who have a legal problem in relation to employment law, social security law, tenancy law and consumer law.  

What issues can migrant workers contact Rechtswinkel Tilburg about? Queries such as: 

Rechtswinkel Tilburg provides advice, but also writes to counterparties on behalf of clients and litigates before the Huurcommissie, the administrative court, or the magistrate if there is no other option. Our services are free in principle. The official language is Dutch or English. There is no interpreter available. Clients may naturally bring someone along to interpret.
How can clients make contact?

Website: www.rechtswinkeltilburg.nl.

Juridisch Loket

What issues can migrant workers contact the Juridisch Loket about?
The Juridisch Loket is there for anyone who has a legal query. For example, queries about housing, working, family and relatives, purchases, guarantees, as well as debt. Examples of queries: 

You can find answers to frequently asked questions, tips, and letter templates on www.juridischloket.nl. If you are on a low income, they can also give you personal legal advice. Call free on 0800-8020 or visit one of the branches. The Juridisch Loket lawyers will help you free of charge.
How can clients make contact?

Website: www.juridischloket.nl