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Integration in Tilburg 

There is plenty to see and do in the municipality of Tilburg. For example, sports and exercise, cultural activities, meeting people, learning Dutch, and volunteer work. You can find more information below. You are welcome to join!

Learning Dutch

It is nice as well as important to communicate in Dutch. With the GP, at the supermarket, or at work, for example. There are different ways to practice Dutch in the municipality of Tilburg. This is usually free of charge, but not always.

What kind of help can you find in Tilburg?

Taalhuis Tilburg

You can get free information about learning the Dutch language at Taalhuis. You can also go there for computer courses and maths lessons. Taalhuis has 4 branches in Tilburg:

Taalhuis consultation

Looking for more information? Then you can attend one of the consultations free of charge. 
Want to ensure you get to speak to someone? Make an appointment by emailing tilburg@taalhhuismb.nl 

Language in the neighbourhood

Want to learn to speak, read, or write better in Dutch? You can do that in your neighbourhood. You get together every week to practice in a small group. We look at what you want to learn. Want to be able to speak to someone in the shop, or learn how to introduce yourself? Together, we look at how we can practice that.Visit the website contourdetwern.nl

We practice Dutch together by playing games, speaking to one another, getting to know one another, and doing assignments outside. That way, we learn Dutch together.


If you want to learn Dutch yourself in your own time, you can try various websites or apps, such as:

Sports, exercise and culture

Sports and exercise give you a boost! It makes you happy, gives you energy and makes you feel at home in your body. You also meet new people when you play sports together.

Getting enough exercise is important for good mental and physical health. Did you know that adults are advised to do 2.5 hours of moderately intensive exercise a week? For example walking, cycling, badminton, climbing stairs and fitness. It is also advised to do muscle and bone strengthening activities twice a week.

The active or passive enjoyment of art and culture also contributes to your health. It helps you develop creatively, is good for your brain, makes you happy, and you meet new people.

Associations and providers (sports, exercise and culture) 

There are many sports and cultural associations in the municipality of Tilburg. Football clubs, table tennis associations, volleyball clubs and many more. You can find an overview of the sports offering in Tilburg on the website SportinTilburg. There are also many sports and fitness clubs and centres where you can follow creative courses such as dancing lessons, music lessons, theatre lessons and visual arts. You can do this at Factorium, amongst others. See their website for more information.  

Not quite sure what you want to do? A number of tips:

Support (community sports) 

Do you find it difficult to take the first step? Community sports workers are there for children and young people. They will gladly help you find a suitable sport. You can find more information and contact details on the website SportinTilburg


The Netherlands is a water-rich country. There is plenty of natural water to be found in and around the municipality of Tilburg. You cannot swim everywhere. The water is often very cold, there are currents, there is boat traffic, or the water is not clean. Swimming in natural water is not without risk. Do not go into the water if you cannot swim. You often cannot see how deep the water is and can therefore be negatively surprised. There is no supervision of natural water.

There are three indoor municipal pools in the municipality of Tilburg: Recreatiebad Stappegoor (Stappegoorweg 1 in Tilburg), Sportcomplex Drieburcht (Wagnerplein 1 in Tilburg) and Zwembad Reeshof (Heereveldendreef 8-10 in Tilburg). These swimming pools do have supervision during recreational swimming. But do not go into the deep water if you cannot swim or are not a competent swimmer!

For all information about municipal swimming pools, go to the website SportinTilburg. You can also go to one of the swimming pools.

Unable to swim? There are several options for swimming lessons in the municipality of Tilburg:


There is always something fun to see, do and discover in Tilburg, Berkel-Enschot, Udenhout and Biezenmortel. For example, walking and cycling routes, a visit to the theatre, or to special locations (like certain monuments in the municipality, which are often free to visit), and all kinds of special activities and events. 

Useful websites:

Low income

Do you not have much money and are you therefore unable to participate in sports or culture? There are various arrangements and support in the municipality of Tilburg to enable you to participate anyway: 

Meeting people

ContourdeTwern offers different activities in which you can participate to meet other people. For example, there are cookery groups, parent meetings, craft groups, soup groups, billiards groups. Are you looking for activities where you can meet new people and do you need help? Then contact ContourdeTwern and they will assist you. 

Support (ContourdeTwern)

There are 18 places in the municipality of Tilburg where you can go with queries of all kinds. The ContourdeTwern volunteers who work there can help you if, for example, you have received a letter you do not understand, if you need to fill in forms about which you have queries, or if you are struggling to find the right information about something. You can find the places you can go with these types of queries via this link

See the ContourdeTwern website for more information.

Children and school

Children under the age of 4 years can go to nursery. There are nurseries for children from 0 to 4 years old and there are also special nurseries for children from 2 to 4 years old.

Virtually all children go to school from the age of 4 in the Netherlands. To ensure your child is able to go to school, you are strongly advised to register your child at the school of your choice as early as the age of 3. It is mandatory for every child to attend school from the age of 5 in the Netherlands.

Primary school lasts for 8 years and there are different schools in the municipality of Tilburg. You can find more information and a listing of all schools on this website

After those 8 years, children go to secondary school. There are different levels of further education (vocational training, senior general secondary education, pre-university education). It is mandatory to attend school in the Netherlands; we call this compulsory education. Compulsory education applies until the school year a student turns 16. So if a child is born in November or February, they have to attend school until the summer holidays.