Municipal taxes

Once a year you receive the municipal tax bill by post or digitally in the Berichtenbox on Tax money allows the municipality to maintain and expand all kinds of facilities, such as streets, sewers and public lighting. 

Paying municipal taxes

  • If you opt for convenience, you pay by direct debit. This is a free service. You no longer have to transfer amounts or keep an eye on a payment date. The amount will be automatically deducted from your account in 12 monthly instalments. You can arrange a direct debit online (Dutch). Or ask us for an authorisation card. Stopping the direct debit, or changing your account number, can be done in the same way.
  • If you prefer to transfer the amount yourself, you can pay the amount at once or in 2 instalments. Pay attention to the due dates and always mention the payment reference of the tax bill. You'll have to pay at least half before the 1st pay date.

Reduction of taxes (vermindering)

In these situations, you can ask for a reduction of taxes:

  • When moving to another city, or within Tilburg to an address for which tax is already paid. For example, if you are moving in together, or if you are moving to a nursing home. Sewer tax (user part), waste taxe and dog tax will then be reduced for the entire months you are no longer (independently) registered in Tilburg.
  • If you no longer have a dog, you no longer have to pay dog tax. Please report your dog online.

If you sell your house, the property tax and sewer tax (owner part) will be settled with the new owner at the notary's office. You will therefore not receive it back via the municipality.

Make an objection (bezwaar)

Do you disagree with the amount of your WOZ-value? Or is the tax bill incorrect? Filing an objection can be done within 5 minutes. Use the (Dutch) online object form or send your objection by e-mail or postal letter. Please include at least your name, address, date of the objection, claim number, the reason for your objection and your signature.

Asking for a waiver (kwijtschelding)

Are you unable to pay the tax bill? Then ask for a waiver. This is possible for people with a low income. For example a social assistance benefit, a low salary or a small pension. You can apply for a waiver (Dutch) directly online using DigiD. Or call 14 013 for the application form. Until a decision is made, you do not have to pay the tax bill.