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Sorting waste

Do you want to know when your container will be emptied? Use the digital waste calender.

On the website and on the app Mijn Afvalwijzer you can find the digital waste calender. You can find an English version there.

Rules for your container

Underground waste disposal point

An underground waste disposal point can only be opened using the waste disposal card. Your waste disposal card is linked to your address and is intended for your own use only.
If you move house, please leave the card for the new resident.

Have you lost your card or is it broken? Please ask for a new waste disposal card online (Dutch form). The card costs 12,50 euro. Please note that there's only 1 card per address. The waste disposal card will be send to your address within 5 working days.



Plastic packages, Metallic packages and Drink cartons (PMD)

Plastic packages

Metallic packages

Drink cartons



Throughout the municipality you’ll find special containers for textiles (clothing,shoes, bags, towels etc.)


Throughout the municipality you’ll find special containers for glass waste (bottles for wine, beer etc.) and jars.

Organic waste

Regular waste

Regular waste is the waste that remains when we have sorted the other kinds of waste. Regular waste is unsuitable for recycling and it is burned in stead of being re-used.