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Instructions for accessing underground containers

All underground containers near apartment complexes can only be accessed with a card. This page explains how the card system for underground containers works.

How do I use my waste disposal card?

Ondergrondse container
The operating panel is located at the top of the underground container on the left-hand side.
The operating panel consists of a card reader and a display.
Afvalpas wordt boven het bedieningspaneel gehouden
Place your card on the card reader of the operating panel. You will hear a click. You can now open the lid.
Ondergrondse container met open klep
Open the lid and place your bin bag inside. Please ensure that you place large bin bags in the large drum on the left side, and smaller bags in the small drum on the right side.
Ondergrondse container waarvan de open klep wordt gesloten
Once you are done, close the lid completely. The container will then be sealed automatically.

Multiple bin bags

Do you have multiple bin bags? Repeat the above steps as often as needed.

Any issues?

If the display panel says ‘Vol’ (Full), or if the container is malfunctioning, please call 14 013. Please refrain from leaving your bin bags next to the container. If you do, you could receive a fine.