Elections in the Netherlands

Elections for provincial councils and water boards will be held on Wednesday 15 March. We have translated the most important information into English for you.

By voting, you help determine who gets to decide on the plans for the province and water authority over the next four years

When can you vote?
On Wednesday 15 March, from 7:30 to 21:00.

Who can you vote for?
On Verkiezingen - Gemeente Tilburg, you’ll find information about the political parties and candidates participating in the elections. Also a list of candidates will be sent to you at your home address. You can read about the candidates’ plans on their parties’ websites.

What do you need in order to vote?

  • Your voting pass. You will receive your voting pass in the post no later than Wednesday 1 March.
  • Proof of identity. If your identity document has expired, the expiry date must be less than five years ago. The following are considered valid proof of ID:
    • all passports, identity cards and driving licences from EU countries and from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
    • a passport or identity card from Switzerland
    • a document proving your residence permit issued by the Netherlands

If your voting pass is lost or damaged, please contact your municipality and request a new one. This can be done in writing up to Friday 10 March or in person at your local municipal office until Tuesday 14 March at 12:00 PM.

Where to vote
Tilburg has over 70 polling station. To find the nearest to you, please visit Verkiezingen - Gemeente Tilburg. Shortly before the elections, you will also be sent an overview of all polling stations in the post.

Accessibility of polling stations
If you have a question about the accessibility of a polling station, you can visit waarismijnstemlokaal.nl. There, you can find information about which polling stations have facilities for people with a visual impairment or wheelchair users. You can also ask the municipality about this.

Vote in a different municipality
If you want to vote in a different municipality, you must apply for a voter’s pass. You can do so in writing until Friday 10 March or in person at your local municipal office until Tuesday 14 March at 12:00 PM. A voter’s pass enables you to vote in the provincial council and water authority elections at any polling station in your province or the area served by your water authority.

If you are unable to get to the polling station, you can authorise someone else to vote for you. You can do this in two ways:

  1. By transferring your voting pass to them: Fill in the back of your voting pass. Give your voting pass to the person you would like to vote for you. You should also give this person a copy of your identity document. This can also be a photo taken on your mobile phone or tablet. Make sure that the information can be clearly read
  2. By written proxy: For this, you need to request a form from your municipality. Both you and the person who will be voting for you need to complete the form. Return the form to the municipality no later than Friday 10 March.